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Easy Diaper Rash Treatment

I usually cloth diaper my little prince, so diaper rash is not a common problem in my household. However, every once in while, he poops and I simply don’t notice (every once in a while, there is a poop that doesn’t have a strong smell). So he’s sitting in poop for up to two hours before I understand why he’s wailing. Mommy fail. I know. In my defense, this kid never lets me sleep. Anyway, this usually results in a diaper rash.

Luckily, there is a very easy treatment for diaper rash.

Reinforce the skin with a barrier of Coconut or Shea Butter (this helps provide protection for further moisture exposure) and treat the rash with Lavender Essential Oil. I prefer Shea Butter for this purpose because it’s non-comedogenic, it stays solid at warmer temperatures than Coconut Oil, and is great for sensitive skin. However, Coconut is usually well-tolerated by infants as well and has anti-bacterial properties. Lavender Essential Oil is an excellent additive because it has healing and soothing properties for the irritated skin, is very gentle and safe for infants, and it is anti-bacterial.


Easy Recipe

  • 1/4 cup of Coconut or Shea Butter (experiment with any preferred body butter)
  • 6 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 1/2 oz beeswax (optional)

If not using the beeswax, simply mix the body butter and essential oil together in a glass container and store out of sunlight. A light-protective container is preferred or storage in a dark cabinet/box. Apply at every diaper change until the rash clears. My son is usually rash-free in 24 hours but I had one severe case that took 3 days.

Beeswax will provide a stronger skin barrier than just oil alone. To use, gently heat the beeswax and oil of preference in a double burner until the oil is liquid and the wax has melted. Mix well and then pour into a glass container. Allow to cool for about 10 minutes and then add the Lavender Essential Oil. Do not add the lavender to the just-heated liquid. The high heat will compromise the healing properties of the essential oil.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is a good alternative to lavender:


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How to Make Homemade Play-Dough. Easy!

Once kids start playing with play-dough… Game over. You go from perfectly color separated balls of dough to wads of marbelized mud dough in two hours. Play-dough isn’t terribly expensive but when you go through it quickly…thy does add up. Much cheaper to make your own. I tried this to make some for my Jojo and it turned out great. Perfect texture and stretch. 

Granted, my son is still young and he had no interest whatsoever in this weird stuff I was trying to show him. But that ziplock bag I took the dough out of…now that’s fascinating. 

This is a classic play-dough recipe easily found online:

  • 1 Cup of Flour
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 1/4 Cup of Salt
  • 2 Tbsp Cream of Tarter
  • 1 Tbsp Oil (vegetable is fine)
  • Food Coloring (# of drops is personal preference) 
  • 4-6 drops Kidsafe essential oils for scent (optional). You can also try a flavored food powder like jello or koolaid that might add color and scent. I haven’t tried this yet, though. 

Add flour, salt, and cream of tarter to a non-stick pan or skillet. Mix together. Add water, oil, and food coloring. Mix over medium heat, stirring continuously, until a ball of dough forms. Remove dough from pan and allow to cool. 

If you would like to add scent, try to mix in a few drops of kidsafe essential oil like lavender to the dough and knead to blend in. I particularly like lavender for this use because it’s easy to find, the scent is relaxing (great for rambunctious kids), it’s antibacterial (play-dough that also helps sanitize busy hands? Wow), it’s safe for contact with young skin, and will not harm the child if they eat chunks of the dough. 

Do not omit the cream of tarter. It’s important for proper texture. Buy it in bulk if you plan to make a lot of this dough. Salt acts as a preservative. The oil provides smooth malleability. 

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