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Getting Rid of Ants


A few days ago, I came home to find a long line of ants crawling along my wall and over the infant carseat that I’d left by the door. The carseat had food crumbs on it so my husband deduced that it was the main attraction.

So I moved the carseat to the balcony until I can clean it and puzzled over these ants. Where. Were. They. Coming. From? I really couldn’t figure out their point of entry. And I don’t like uninvited guests. My first thought was ant genocide. My next thought was harsh, murdering chemicals. My next thought was the one year old running around my home. So no harsh chemicals.

So a little research was in order. And I learned there are two types of ants to consider: the type who bring bait/food home to the ant nest and the type who don’t. The type who bring home the bait can also bring home poison and kill the entire nest. The type who don’t have to be eradicated AT the nest (injecting poison into the colony itself).Diatomaceous Earth (food grade only) is a good, natural option to inject into the nest. I had no idea which I was dealing with and I was really hoping it wasn’t the latter – because I had no idea how to find the nest.

With no other choice, I decided to treat them as though they were the type to bring bait home. So in a cup, I mixed 3 parts powdered sugar (sweet to attract) to 1 part borax (poison to kill), added enough water to make a thin soup, and placed in a cotton ball to absorb the cup’s contents. I then taped the cotton ball to the wall directly in the trail of ants. They swarmed it. I resisted the urge not to murder them so they could, theoretically, bring the poison home. The next morning, they were gone.

If you don’t have pets or children running around, you can simply leave a bowl/plate of bait and poison in their path, as well. Omit the water.

This will not work on all ants. Not all bring bait home. Not all are attracted to sweets. Some ant types are only attracted to protein (try peanut butter mixed with borax). Learn about identifying different breeds here.

While you are waging war against the little critters, it may help to upset the pheromone trail that ants leave behind for their friends to follow by. Just spritz vinegar on the surface the ants are lining up along and wipe clean. Don’t do this if you are leaving bait. Just let them lead each other to the poison.

Verse of the Day:

Be exalted, O Lord, in Your strength;
We will sing and praise Your power.

(Psalm 21:13 NASB)