Safely Ingest Essential Oils

So, I’ve seen a lot of posts that suggest consuming essential oils by diluting them in some tea or water and then drinking. And this is okay if you are absolutely certain the specific oil you are consuming will not irritate your mouth or throat if it’s used undiluted. And you are absolutely certain the essential oil is safe to consume in the first place. If you are not sure of these two things, get a professional opinion or just don’t do it. Try an inhaler instead. Because water and oil. Do. Not. Mix. Dropping essential oils in water and drinking is the same as just dropping the oil directly on your tongue. 

Why would you want to ingest essential oils in the first place? Just diffuse or apply topically.

Oh, darling, I’m so glad you asked. You see, there are a few ways most people absorb essential oils.

  • Diffusing into the air
  • Applying to the skin
  • Inhaling through a tissue or inhaler
  • Ingesting

Diffusing disperses the oil throughout the entire room. So you are only breathing in some of the oil.  This is great for young children or pregnant women because the oil is strongly diluted. Skin application is great but your body only absorbs so much of the oil this way. Inhaling directly from the bottle, tissue, or inhaler (especially an inhaler) is an excellent way to absorb a higher amount of the essential oil. But your body still does not absorb all of the oil so the therapeutic impact is still diluted. Which is perfectly fine for most purposes. When you ingest essential oils, your body absorbs 100%. It’s like drinking a LOT of therapeutic herbal tea.

So how to consume essential oils as safely as possible?

Here’s three tips you can use if you know the essential oil is safe for consumption.

  • Put oil drops in an empty pill capsule and swallow as a pill.
  • Blend the essential oils in a smoothie and drink. The thickness of the smoothie will keep the oils diluted.
  • Thoroughly mix drops of oils in a tsp of honey and then mix the honey into a cup of water. Drink. The honey will act as a sort of light emulsifier. 


Verse of the Day

How to Make Homemade Play-Dough. Easy!

Once kids start playing with play-dough… Game over. You go from perfectly color separated balls of dough to wads of marbelized mud dough in two hours. Play-dough isn’t terribly expensive but when you go through it quickly…thy does add up. Much cheaper to make your own. I tried this to make some for my Jojo and it turned out great. Perfect texture and stretch. 

Granted, my son is still young and he had no interest whatsoever in this weird stuff I was trying to show him. But that ziplock bag I took the dough out of…now that’s fascinating. 

This is a classic play-dough recipe easily found online:

  • 1 Cup of Flour
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 1/4 Cup of Salt
  • 2 Tbsp Cream of Tarter
  • 1 Tbsp Oil (vegetable is fine)
  • Food Coloring (# of drops is personal preference) 
  • 4-6 drops Kidsafe essential oils for scent (optional). You can also try a flavored food powder like jello or koolaid that might add color and scent. I haven’t tried this yet, though. 

Add flour, salt, and cream of tarter to a non-stick pan or skillet. Mix together. Add water, oil, and food coloring. Mix over medium heat, stirring continuously, until a ball of dough forms. Remove dough from pan and allow to cool. 

If you would like to add scent, try to mix in a few drops of kidsafe essential oil like lavender to the dough and knead to blend in. I particularly like lavender for this use because it’s easy to find, the scent is relaxing (great for rambunctious kids), it’s antibacterial (play-dough that also helps sanitize busy hands? Wow), it’s safe for contact with young skin, and will not harm the child if they eat chunks of the dough. 

Do not omit the cream of tarter. It’s important for proper texture. Buy it in bulk if you plan to make a lot of this dough. Salt acts as a preservative. The oil provides smooth malleability. 

Verse of the Day:

What is Truth?

“Pilate said to Him, ‘What is Truth?'” John 18:38 (NASB)

According to the Bible, Jesus is truth. Jesus is the foundation and existence of reality. It is through the Word of God that the Universe came into existence. Jesus is the Word of God. (John, Ch. 1.)

When Jesus claimed the title of “I Am” in John 8:58, He was claiming an all encompassing, all powerful, divine existence. He was claiming to be God.

If truth is Jesus… and Jesus is God… then…




That’s what we are going to explore every Friday on this blog. We are going to explore God. Who is God? Who is He not? What does He have to say for Himself? And what does He want with humanity?

We are going to embark on a massive adventure to discover the God of the Bible, the Creator of the Universe, the Source of our salvation.

Welcome aboard the ship of USS Faith Friday.

Tantrum Survival

Being a mother is such a humbling experience. My little chipmunk sends me through 500 emotional experiences a day. He gives me constant heart attacks (reference photo 🙄), constant joy, frustration, compassion, aggravation, delight…all rolled up into one precious but crazy moment.image

He’s a professional with tantrums now. They were so CUTE…when he was 10 months old. I mean, it was like… Oh look, he’s learning to have a tantrum! Awww. That’s what other parents are always fussing about. So adorable. Aaaand…cute tantrums are now fewer and fewer in between.

He had a tantrum in the store a while back…he wanted to play with the products. Can’t blame him. He has no idea why he can’t play with the shimmery, shiny make-up. And I respect that. But he still can’t play with them. So I made him sit in his stroller instead of allowing him to run around terrorizing the store. (I gave him leeway in a craft store once…oh my. Half the store’s employees had to assist with clean up. God bless those patient souls.)

Anyway, I went in to get a maximum of three products. But with a young one shrieking his head off in the stroller, I spent a while just wandering the store trying to remember just what in the world I actually came in to buy. I left with just one of those items and about 500 snacks. Now, I’m actually a patient mom. Usually. (Easy to say with just one kid, right?) But this endless, public SCREAMING sent my stress level through the roof. If it was a spiritual test of my patience, it was authored by Satan himself.

The thing is, I really didn’t want my son to know his tantrum was affecting me. I really try to just ignore tantrums. Not punishing them, nor encouraging them. Just ignore. Whether or not I actually succeed in not snapping my son’s head off, well… anyway. As I roamed the store with my screaming spawn offspring, I gritted my teeth and snatched random items off the shelf.

When I finally survived check out, Josiah simultaneously stopped bellowing like a banshee (what a coincidence). I marched outside and took several deep breaths. Applauded myself for surviving that experience. And then, since I determined enough time had passed since the tantrum to not be rewarding it – like, 30 seconds – I shoved some caramel popcorn in Josiah’s mouth in hopes that if he’s too busy chewing, he will be incapable of making any further noise during our walk home. Problem solved. This method, ladies and gentlemen, is called rewarding tantrums preventative parenting. Then, I calmly strolled next door to the convenience store, bought an ice cream Snickers bar, and shoved that in my mouth.


Give yourself some grace. Motherhood is hard. And when you do survive a storm, don’t be afraid to reward yourself. Despite anything else… is your child still healthy and safe after a fierce tantrum? Yes? You didn’t abandon him in the middle of the store so you can run into a closet, curl into a ball, and rock back and forth in hysteria? Good job, Mom. You deserve a Snickers.

Verse of the Day


Hydrocortisone Cream Alternative

Hydrocortisone Cream is an over-the-counter steroid treatment for agitated skin. It works rather well for temporary conditions – insect bite, temporary rash, etc. However, it can be as much a a curse as a blessing for chronic conditions. Hydrocortisone Cream is only meant to be used for up to a week before the skin needs a break from it. Long term use can actually dry out and thin our skin – making it more sensitive and agitating the original problem. The problem is, people with chronic skin conditions have a hard time finding anything as effective and yet safe for longer-term use.

I know because my skin is very sensitive and very easily agitated. And I’ve definitely over-used hydrocortisone. Soooo…here’s my solution:


Semi-DIY Skin-Soothe Cream

1 Tablespoon of any cream or lotion (preferably all natural because essential oils may interact with synthetic ingredients) OR 1 Tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel (or even coconut oil or shea butter or some other carrier oil is fine)

10 drops of Helichrysum Essential Oil

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil (Optional)

10 drops German or Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (Optional)

5 drops Carrot Seed Oil (Optional)

1 drop Clove Essential Oil (Optional)

Why these ingredients?

  • Helichrysum is the Big Daddy of soothing-agitated-skin-essential-oils. It is the absolutely best option for any chronic itchy skin condition. (Some people say any skin condition. Period.) It is on the expensive side but you do not need much. A 5 ml bottle will have approximately 80-120 drops of essential oil; there is an average of 25 drops essential oil per milliliter, but this, of course, varies between essential oils. For an alternative; Aura Cacia (the brand found at most health stores) has a diluted version for around $20 that works pretty well when applied directly to the skin without further dilution. However, if you have a chronic skin condition, and you need more Helichrysum over the long-term, it is more cost-effective to buy this oil undiluted. This is the major anti-itch/agitation ingredient in this formula.
  • Lavender is very skin soothing and anti-bacterial.
  • Chamomile is very healing to damaged skin.
  • Carrot Seed is skin’s best friend. It is very nourishing and regenerative for any skin type.
  • Clove is a natural numbing agent. But only use a minimal amount because it is very strong and too much may cause skin agitation. Robert Tisserand recommends a maximum dermal usage of only .5% for Clove oil.


Pour the cream/lotion/aloe in a glass or stainless steel container (essential oils react to plastic). Add essential oils of choice. Mix. If the container is not opaque, store in a dark place to avoid light degrading your essential oils.

As always, when using essential oils for any therapeutic purposes, only use a given essential oil for a maximum of three weeks, then take a one week break (you can use regular hydrocortisone cream during this week off). This will prevent your body from desensitizing to the oils.



Ear Infections!


Ear infections. They suck. There’s no getting around it. They are crippling in their painful simplicity. They haunt your every waking moment. They are annoying. Eventually, your mind starts to play games on you. You start to wonder; will cutting my ear off produce a higher quality existence than I currently have now?

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 5 out of 6 children experience an ear infection before they are 3 years old. Wow. I suppose that little statistic only confirms what most parents already know. According to Mayo Clinic, young children are more susceptible to ear infections because their eustachian tubes are still developing into their more permanent, adulthood shape.

So what is a parent to do?

According to Mayo Clinic, if your child is less than 6 months old and you suspect an ear infection, contact your pediatrician. If your child is older than 6 months with mild ear pain and a fever below 102 degrees Fahrenheit, you can wait and see if conditions improve within 48 hours. If they do not, contact your pediatrician. If your child is older than 1 year, the pain is mild, and doesn’t have a fever above 102 F, it’s also okay to wait and see if the infection will resolve on its own. I would suggest also employing the Tea Tree Essential Oil remedy described below as soon as the “patient” begins to experience inner ear discomfort. 

For children (1-12), dilute 1 drop each of the following essential oils into 1-2 teaspoons (1 tsp for older children to 2 tsp for younger children) of carrier oil (jojoba, sweet almond, etc): Thyme, Lavender and Tea Tree. If you only have Tea Tree, go ahead and try this remedy with only that oil. I have done that and it still worked. The key is to use oils with anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities. Apply some of this mixture around the ear – around, not directly on the ear – every hour until symptoms are relieved. At night, place 1 drop of this mixture onto some tissue or cotton ball and leave in the ear overnight. 

For teenagers and adults, apply 5 drops Tea Tree, 5 drops thyme, and 10 drops lavender in 1 teaspoon carrier oil (or just 10 drops Tea Tree)  and apply around the base of the ear every hour. At night, place 1 drop of Tea Tree on some cotton/tissue (the tea tree will dilute/disperse throughout the tissue) and leave in the ear overnight. 

Do NOT use undiluted Tea Tree around your ear. This is a very sensitive  area of skin. I tried this once and while, I must say, the pain went away after 24 hours, my skin was very irritated. Lavender, however, is perfectly safe for older children and adults to use undiluted. 

Mild ear infections that are not going away on their own will most likely notably improve within 48 hours of using this treatment. Severe ear infections may still require a visit to the doctor. 

If conditions worsen with this alternative treatment (unlikely), discontinue use and consult a doctor. This may be the result of an allergic reaction to the oils. 


Verse of the Day

Ingredient Highlight: Tea Tree Essential Oil

This week, we will be making use of Tea Tree Essential Oil as an ingredient. Therefore, I decided to start the week out with an overview of this highly useful oil. 

Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternafornica) Essential Oil is usually extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca Tree using steam. This oil has an herbal, medicinal smell to it. 

Infamous for its anti-bacterial qualities, Tea Tree Oil is undergoing a great deal of study for possible use against Staphylococcus aureus; an anti-biotic resistant bacterial infection. 

In the world of aromatherapy, Tea Tree Essential Oil is also considered an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. A search through Pub Med will show current research supporting these claims. 

I have to acknowledge that there is a nasty little rumor that the “small quantity” ingestion of Tea Tree Oil caused breast enlargement in a 4-year old boy. First of all, it is not recommended that any child 6 years or younger ingest any essential oils. (Although the ingestion of a small quantity of child-safe essential oils by young children is highly unlikely to cause harm. So if your 3-year old child takes a swig from his bottle of coconut massage oil that contains 2% Lavender Essential Oil, I really wouldn’t panic. He probably only drank the equivalent of a teaspoon of coconut oil and about 30-50 little lavender buds.) 

There is another case where a 10 year old apparently also developed breast enlargement after using a hair product by Paul Mitchell that was said to contain Tea Tree Oil. According to world-renowned essential oil safety expert, Robert Tisserand and his book, Essential Oil Safety, the products contained neglible amounts of Tea Tree Oil and since Tea Tree Oil is very poorly absorbed by the skin, it is highly unlikely the gynecomastia was caused by the Tea Tree Oil. 

So I really wouldn’t take the Tea Tree and breast enlargement scare too seriously. 

Regarding the use of this first-aide essential oil, Robert Tisserand only cautions against using Tea Tree undiluted on the skin. He recommends a maximum dermal use level of only 15% to avoid skin irritation. 

One of my favorite uses for Tea Tree is air purification. I like to place 3-6 drops in my essential oil diffuser everyday to help combat any nasties that may be floating around in the air. Of which I have forgotten to do lately and my son and I currently have a cold. Go figure.