Welcome: Eczema Bath Smoothie

Welcome to my new blog! I’m really excited to start on this new exploration of the world of DIY. As a homemaker, I find that I am growing more and more picky about the chemicals and products that I allow into my home. As I research, I am finding that many of the products I normally buy are either vastly overpriced or perhaps not the healthiest option to have around my 1 year old son. As a solution, I dove into the world of making my own products at home and wow! I love it. The research is fascinating and the work is empowering.

So. What am I going to share on my blog? I’m going to share recipes for my favorite homemade products – everything from laundry detergent to body creams to safe and effective cleaning supplies. But let’s face it, I don’t know anybody who has the time to make their own everything. So, if there’s a product out there that I do buy and find it worth the expense, I’ll talk about it here as well. I’ll share video tutorials on various crafts like sewing, crochet, homemade soap, and candle making. Continue reading